Friday, June 11, 2010

The Pros & Cons of coming home

I will see my baby brother, dad, and stepmom (all who are dearly missed!).
I get to sleep on my own bed! Air mattress are lame.
Doctor Who comes on the day I come home!
I will finally be able to play DDR again.
Good food cooked by my stepmom.
I get to have a closet! No more living out of a travelling bag.
I get to spend time with my grandparents.
No more of my mom's BS. I've already had my dose for the summer please & thankyou.
My freedom to wear/do/say what I want will be returned! My mom is a.... well you know.

My friend Andria's dad died today. Depressing :/
Start my annual library shift maybe without Rebekka :(
No excuse to be angsty....(jk)
I'll have to finish, for the second time, Atlas Shrugged by the 17th... I might be able to get an extension...
I have to turn in the final mock up of the Anime Prom poster I was supposed to make...


  1. well, it isn't too bad,
    (although I feel really bad for your friend, I can sympathize, my dad passed away when I was younger)The assignments don't seem to difficult, your pros definitely outweigh your cons.......hmmm...

  2. That's so sad about your friend's dad :/ I hope she's okay, although I guess you can't really be that okay at a time like that. But it looks like it would be nice to finally get home and see everyone and be in your own bed and everything too.

  3. Doctor Who, I really need to start from season 1 since I've only seen an episode here and there and feel like I haven't given that show a chance. That's awful about your friend's dad, I hope she's managing okay. You can still be angsty, you're still a teenager, sadly I lost that luxury.

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