Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oh lucky day!

Today started off grand. I woke up around 9ish, got dressed, at some donuts for breakfast, babysat a little, then departed from the house to run some errands.

First my stepmom went to the bank, then we went to my dad's office, and then before I knew it I was going to my shift at the library.

When I arrived I realized that it was one of the librarian's birthday so there was an abundance of free cake!!

Another blessing came when I realized that most of the books that needed to be shelved went in the same section! Score!

Then close to the end of my four hour shift I got to make a sock kitty, which is very much like a sock monkey, but a kitty.... ya know?

After the library my sister wanted to go to TJ Maxx, and while there I ran into a long lost friend who was home from college!! She was like my big sister my freshman year of art class, and I felt so happy hearing that she was doing so well in college. She told me that right now she was working on her summer sewing assignments (she's a design major at Baylor) and just chilling at home.

Then, not ten minutes after I ran into her I ran into my friend Bekka! What a day!

So far everything's been going great. I'm hoping that tomorrow will be just as grand. Being happy is awesome.

Oh yeah, I forgot, I finally got my piano trophys back from my mom's house! Now all I need is a case for all of them :D


  1. what an extraordinary day you've had, I just love it when things work out like that. But what I have realized is that if you start your day saying it will be awesome and use human stubbornness to refuse it to go bad, that usually makes the day work out alright as well. Just think, tomorrow WILL be a good day, *Knock on wood*

  2. Haha, that sounds like the luckiest day ever! :D Especially the free cake part, cause I mean, who doesn't like free cake? AND SOCK KITTIES! I hope today is just as good (: