Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More proof that my mom is crazy

So just a few seconds ago my mom comes up to me and is like, "Do you want braces?"

I stared at her. REALLY? Does it look like I need braces, because last time I checked, my teeth are straight. They've been straight for the longest.

Sure, I might need a good teeth whitening, but really, who doesn't?

I grabbed the mirror in my purse just to make sure I haven't been lying to myself since the 6th grade and sure enough. My teeth are still straight.

This is just like the time she tried to get me contacts when I had just told her that I thought glasses suited my face.

It's only Tuesday and my mom's crazy is already coming out.


  1. oh my,

    that is a little bit odd, lol. Haha, does she know they will cost her an arm and a leg? Braces are expensive, what's the use if you don't need them!


  2. My mom is crazy too... it seems to be the trend. I can only hope that god forbid I ever have children that I don't end up like her.