Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The good keeps coming.

I got lucky three times today, and I feel awesome. Maybe it's because of good karma (karma cards anyone?) or maybe it's because I refuse for anything to get me down, even my fail of a bra fitting.

Today my stepmom finally dragged me out of the house so I could go get fitted for a bra, and it wasn't half as bad as I thought it was going to be.

The lady who fitted me was very nice, and even though what I was afraid of was true, I figure hey, at least I'll never have to get a boob job. According to her measurements I'm 32 inches around the ribcage, and my cup size is indeed DD. Also, as if that wasn't horrific enough for me she said that in 6 months to a year I should expect to be a DDD because that's what usually happens to girls my age that are already DD's.

Sadly, the store didn't carry 32DD's but they were able to special order them so in about 4-6 days I'll have 4 brand new 32DD's coming in the mail. I like getting things in the mail, even if they are embarrassingly large bras.

In order to prepare for the trip to Las Vegas my stepmom and I went to Wal*Mat to do a little shopping. They were doing a lot of rearranging and remodeling and because of this they put a lot of things on clearance so they could go ahead and get rid of old merchandise so they could have more space to do stuff.

While perusing the clearance section I found a Cadet Chekov action figure for $5! Of course I snatched it up. Now that I have both Spock and Chekov, I only need the other five to have a complete collection XD

Buuuuut I'll probably take my time building my Star Trek collection.....

Then, when checking out I managed to score Toy Story 3 silly bandz, AND I ran into my friend Sarah Miles, who is about to leave for college! I really have to make it a goal to go to more stores because I seem to be running into a lot of old friends in them!!


  1. I wish I had bigger boobs... that doesn't sound weird at all.

    I've heard so many weird things about silly bandz... clearly a trend I am too old for now but very reminiscent of the jelly bracelet fad.

    I'm loving the new layout, yay blogspot for making their layouts more interesting and so much easier to customize.

  2. well that is wonderful! :D

    It is so great how sometimes little things like running into an old friend make us so happy, but I think it is awesome that your looking at things a different way, seeing more positive.

  3. Toy Story 3 silly bandz? Okay, I am not a fan of silly bandz but I might be now :P Great blog!

  4. Well that's awesome that your luck is continuing to be awesometastical :D Hurrah for running into old friends! And I agree with Em... I might have to make an exception in those rubber band things for the awesomeness of Toy Story 3!

  5. glad you had some luck in the rba dept... and don't worry too much :) you talking about Toy Story 3 reminds me I need to go see that... dang it. Hope you have a great weekend!