Sunday, June 6, 2010

What? This isn't a cottage!

So I'm here in Ft. Smith Arkansas, and despite having to sleep on an air mattress theres not much to complain about. For the entire 6 hour ride up here my mom kept on rambling about 'the cottage' and how much I would love it. Yeah. It's not a cottage.

It's a quaint little gated community that is called 'the cottages' but other than the slight false advertisement via my mom, I really like the place. When we arrived I soon found out that the place was completely unfurnished even though my stepdad has been living here for about a month.

Supposedly we're going furniture shopping Wednesday, but we'll see how that goes. Since I'm the artist in the family according to my stepdad, I'm automatically in charge of decorating and interior design. Personally, I don't think putting me in charge of decorating is a good idea because if I could I would deck the place out in syfi nerd paraphernalia (millennium falcon couch anyone?). However, I'll be nice and decorate the place with white wicker and white china. I'm going for that legit summer cottage feel. Gosh darnit I was promised a cottage so even if it's only the inside, it's going to be a cottage.

It's what's inside that counts the most right?

If it's not, don't worry, my self esteem isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Tomorrow I was promised shopping, but again, we'll see how that works out. I'm just hoping that I don't end up bored out of my mind the entire week that I'm up here. Google says Arkansas isn't boring, but then again, Google could be lying to me...again. Oh well, at least it gave me this cool picture of the city.


  1. Well, that certainly isn't the kind of cottage that I would have thought of, but decorating it still sounds like it would be fun! And hopefully your shopping trip shall commence soon, heehee.

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