Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Being Back

After surviving through a horribly rough week in Arkansas with my mom (believe me there was so much I didn't talk about) I am now adjusting to a normal, stress free life.

The upcoming weeks are most likely going to be spent preparing for the family trip to Las Vegas.

I know for a fact we're leaving on the 10th, and I'm super excited and pumped to be going! We're making a lot of stops along the way... as of where I have no idea.

I started my first volunteer shift back at the library and it's pretty uneventful. But alas, those are the ways of the library.

Things are pretty mundane, and it's nice.

In the near future I see myself watching a lot of Doctor Who, volunteering at the library, baby sitting my baby brother Steven, and sorting through my clothes.

Well, at least till the 10th of July.


  1. I am very groggy so sorry if I sound less than enthused. I'm not trying to sound like a lifeless droid.

    I'd be awesome if you contributed to food. I'll add you to the list. Please e-mail me a bio (no more than four sentences) at technicoloreyes.kodachromelies@gmail.com for the introductory post for the blog. In return I shall send you a link for an exclusive sneak peek of it.


  2. well at least you have vegas to look forward to! always look at the bright side, it tends to make you feel more positive. Hope you have fun, plus sorting clothes isn't all that bad its kinds fun, picking out t
    what your going to wear in vegas, have fun. Sorry your trip sucked.