Friday, September 30, 2011

September progress report

  1. I'm ALMOST in the top 10%. I'm ranked 30 out of 288. Yes. That's right. I only have to jump up a few more spots and I'm IN. Once I'm in scholarships moneyz will start rolling in and I'll be set. Also, some colleges do automatic acception if you're in the top 10%.
  2. I'm in LOVE with our blogger family group on Facebook. It almost sort of makes up for the fact that I can rarely blog during weekdays anymore.
  3. I made a 99 on my AP English project and a 100 on my AP Environment project. At the rate I'm going at now I should be able to weasel my way into the top 10%. A lot of AP kids are either failing, or making substandard grades, so I feel pretty confident. Is is wrong that I like that they're not doing as well as me? Does that make me evil? Or a bad person? Pfffttt... Who am I kidding, I really need the scholarship money.
  4. Now that it's the weekend I can finally watch TV! I think I average a grand total of 2 hours during the week? However, my weekends have begun disappearing on me because of homework and other school stuff.
  5. This has brought me
  6. My friends. Let me introduce you to Lensbaby. It's amazing. It's wonderful. I LOVE MANUALLY CHANGING THE APERTURE. For everyone that could care less about cameras, it's pretty much just a specialty lens that allows you to take pictures with cool focal effects that you usually have to get through Photoshop nowadays. Here are some sample pictures that I took at a football game last night.

Oh. And that's me. Hugging my TV because the new episode of Doctor Who was on.

Anywho. September was nice. October will be hectic. On Monday I have an Art Club meeting after school that will last until 4:30ish that I have to preside over because I'm president, and then a Z-club meeting at 5:30. Then I have to go home, make cupcakes, and get ready for Tuesday which is my school's homecoming carnival, meaning that Tuesday night is completely blown.

I'm really hoping that none of my teachers assign homework because it's probably not going to be done. By anyone. Because the entire school will be in 'homecoming' mode.

So far I've been so swamped with homework that I haven't had time to blog, or catch up on blogs. But that's what weekends are for.


  1. What's Z-Club? Am I dumb for asking that?

    HEHEHE looks like someone didn't have a four day weekend because of Rosh Hoshannah (I LOVE JEWS).

    OMHAHGDGD LENSBABY! I love it! The pictures are SUPAH COOL.

    10%!!! HOORAY! Come on! You can do it!

    Whaaaat. Blogger family group on facebook? What is this.


  2. congrats! i rememberd i failed all my APs in high school

  3. U are so evil.
    It's okay. I do that too :)

  4. Work hard, and laugh at all of the underlings who don't complete assignments and use their backs to create your empire once you're in the top ten percent. Good luck. And I was hugging the TV too, tonight. Did you cry? And did you curse Steven Moffat and then love him all at once? And can you physically not wait until Christmas? I can't :)

  5. @Eeshie It's a female volunteer organization. And yeah, there's a blogger family FB group page! If you add me on FB I can add you to the group if you like (it's private so you have to be added by someone who is already a member).

    @Ed I have yet to fail an AP class or exam... yet. I don't feel to confident about the government exam.

    @Cricket Mwhahahaha...

    @L. I didn't cry... I did feel a little shocked though. I mean, Steven Moffat can write his way out of anything! The man is brilliant!


  6. That sounds like a pretty good month really lol. Well done on doing so well too :) I liked the last Doctor Who, and was quite tempted to hug my laptop, but like I said, it was also the last one :(

  7. wow that's amazing, you must be working so hard to get into the top ten percent, but I think that you can definitely do it. I LOVE that lense, do you have fisheye lense too? I know that is a pretty common one, but still fun to play around with. I think that last picture was my favorite :P

  8. Congrats on all your academic accomplishments.

    Meanwhile, I have some midterms that I should be studying for.

  9. Way to go on your grades! And, no, it's not bad to want everyone else to do worse than you, haha.

    Also, I, too, am in love with the blogger family group.

  10. yay for you and your grades!!! go you!!!

    i love our blogging family group too. little bits and pieces from everyone brighton up my day.

    oh my god, you are hugging the tv...thats awesome. did you love the last episode? i am not sure. needs to be christmas though!!! :D

  11. Oh wow, congratulations for being in the top 10%! :)

  12. AHHHHH, what cool pictures!!
    That's rad. And I've never seend Dr. Who, maybe I should check Hulu..