Sunday, October 9, 2011

So much has happened.

At this point I'm past explaining the lack of blogging that I've been doing. I've been caught up in a whirlwind of homework, tests, football games, volunteering, and whatnot.

I finally got my report card on Friday and I only had 1 B and it was in AP Government. -.- Le sigh. That class does not sit well with me. I love the teacher, the discussions, and (most) of the people in my class, but for some reason I do horribly on all of the quizzes in there. I make As and Bs on the tests but since each quiz is equivalent to half of a test my grades aren't as good in the class as I'd want them to be. Oh well. I made all As in my other classes.

This past week was homecoming week, so I was at my wit's end trying to study for my FIVE tests whilst writing papers, making a brochure, doing yearbook stuff--- all while trying to have a sliver of a social life.

Luckily my non-AP friends have begrudgingly started to understand that I'm not trying to blow them off, I just have a lot on my plate right now.

Yesterday I volunteered at a Christmas (yes, I know it's only October!) merchandising event and I had the pleasure of working with the sweetest old ladies on the face of the planet. They made me feel so happy. Almost all of them were retired, or close to retiring and I was amazed at how sociable and active they were! They gave me great advice on a plethora of things ranging from men, to travelling, and even jobs. Gah, when I get old I want to be awesome like them. Also yesterday I went cat hunting with my stepmom and little brother.

We went to four different places before we went to the animal shelter where we found Tom (who was originally named Spunky O.O) who is a 9 month old grey kitty with white markings!
He's so sweet, and he loves to cuddle and be held. I'm so glad that my dad FINALLY let us get a cat after literally YEARS of begging. It's only been a day and I'm completely sold on cats. They're low maintenance, do their business in a box, and aren't as dependent as dogs.

Right now I just want it to be Thanksgiving break. I'm tired of waking up at 5am, doing homework, and not being able to have time to even eat lunch on certain days because I'm studying or doing other school stuff. UGH. Oh well, at least I have a sweet kitty to come home to!

p.s. I'm trying to catch up on everyone's blogs, and I've already compiled 9 songs that I FOR SURE want to put on my fall CD for the CD exchange :)


  1. That kitten is adorable!! (I'm a cat freak.)

  2. Your blogging has inspired me to finally update you guys on my life. So much has happened it's unbelievable. (At least for me since I sometimes lead a stagnant life.)

    A 'B' in an AP course is alright. Don't stress about it.

    Cute kitty.

    I must start compiling my fall CD too. WHAT IF WE GOT TO EXCHANGE?

    P.S. I should totally send you a letter or something otherwise. Blogger family and all. :)

  3. Tom is a handsome cat. =) I just adopted my first kitten earlier this year, and I'm completely in love with her. Cats are lovely. <3

  4. Seriously. Life is just a whole lot of hsoguhfdugidfhgdf right now. So much busyness... I miss you guys!


    Ugh. I can't wait until Thanksgiving break. By then, all of this college business will be over and dealt with. (Well... hopefully...)

    I'm so excited for the CD exchange, too! :)

  5. Just one B, you should seriously be proud of yourself! Those old ladies sound like a lot of fun to be quite honest and that kitty? The cutest (:

  6. I feel your AP pain. I'm seriously considering purchasing a gun so that I can just shoot anyone who tries to bother me while I'm trying to do all this homework.

    I am so terribly jealous of your adorable cat.

    If you wish to partake of the Jew fun, come out here for x-mas break, because it'll be Hanukkah. We'll make latkes! (no creepiness intended)

  7. Everyone is so busy at this time of the year. I think that the apology for not blogging should be implied at the beginning of each of our posts.

    Being an awesome old lady is a goal of mine. That's the dream, man.

    I am very much a dog person, but I'm glad you finally got a cat! He is very cute.

  8. The cat will help you destress, good to see something positive going on.

  9. You are one busy bee. :) Your cat is really cute.

  10. you should be very proud of your grades, well done. :):)
    yay for christmas adventures, its not that long away really! :D
    little Tom is mega cute. i am so happy for you.
    i cannot wait for the fall cd exchange, its gonna be awesome.

  11. what a pretty kitty. and your sched is pretty insane, good luck