Saturday, September 17, 2011

I'm not going to lie. Going out for a drive at midnight and forgetting that I have school in the morning scares me. As far as taking risks go, I sleep without a bra and eat my steaks medium rare.

Having fun right now consists of watching Doctor Who on Saturdays (and just a lot of TV that I missed during the week) and making shrinky dinks and pop up cards. I don't care if I sound like your granny. I don't care that I go to sleep at 10 p.m. every night, which is earlier than when your granny goes to bed.

Once I am FOR SURE accepted into a university I'll begin to relax and be haphazard. Right now I'm currently panicking because I've been trying to apply online to this one uni but their website keeps saying there is a system error. FFFing FIX IT ALREADY I NEED TO APPLY BEFORE THE EARLY DECISION DEADLINE IS UP.

I promise I will relax and breath. I already have two parties on my agenda, one being a post art competition party in February (to celebrate winning/losing) and a HUGE graduation party that this guy Kenne is throwing. There's going to be an mechanical bull, most likely live music, cheap pizza, and a myriad of red party cups and foggy rooms. Did I mention he has a macaw? If that's not a party then I don't know what is. Oh and I forgot about the after after prom party that is going to be at a friend's lake house (how american pie of us :P).

See? All of my hard studying will be rewarded with copious partying. Now all I need to do is make sure I don't die under the pressure of my mountain of homework that I am trying to ignore right now. Ugh. I REALLY could use a functioning time turner. This plastic one just isn't doing it.


  1. That sounds like a party I want to be at, and I don't even like parties much.

  2. And that's the only way to eat a steak. If it doesn't moo when I poke it you've cooked it too much.

  3. Those parties sound immense. A Macaw... too awesome!

  4. That quote up there is pretty relevant to my life. Those are some things I need to remember.

    Also, a mechanical bull sounds fun. :)

  5. Living like a Granny is not actually a bad thing, shrinky dinks are rad. (:

  6. Awww well good luck with everything. I hope it all works out. Oh and I've been so busy these days that I find myself feeling so sleepy by 9pm and I'm only in my 20's. Oh and Dr Who?! I lurrve him, he is just so adorable.

  7. Sleeping without a bra is the only way to go. Seriously my boobs feel asphyxiated just thinking about it.

    I go to bed at 9 - but the way I look at it is by going to bed that early allows me to be a rock star at work the next day. I'd rather be a rock star than a zombie so do what you gotta do and watch all those "night owls" suffer. I do love watching people suffer from their own mistakes.

    I want to party, your parties sound amazing. The macaw definitely sold me.

  8. Love that quote, it make me smile and feel good.
    Yay for doctor who!!! I am glad it's back, I have missed it so.
    Glad to hear about awesome parties!!