Sunday, September 11, 2011

Adventures in volunteering

You guys know how I am. I'm a sucker for civil service and whatnot. However instead of my usual hours being dedicated to the public library or random school events I decided to do something a little out of the norm and volunteer to help out at a concert.

I'm part of a female volunteer organization for my school and most of the time we just help out at food kitchens or play bingo with the elderly, so you can imagine my excitement whenever we get to do something different.

The bands that were at the concert were on the Music With A Mission Tour, and if you can't already tell by the tour name it was just a bunch of Christian bands.... yeah. I don't really listen to that much Christian music... in fact the only Christian band I ever listened to was Reliant K, and I honestly didn't know they were Christian until I wikipedia-ed them a year after buying a handful of their songs on iTunes. In the 6th grade.

I guess my lack of interest can be summed up by my confusion. Do they sing about Christian things, or do they just sing in a Christian way? Or both? I don't know. The local bands in my area are 95% screamo and claim to be Christian (whilst citing Slipknot and Pantera as their musical influences on their Facebook pages) so you can understand my confusion. Not that I'm hating on Christian, or screamo music... I just prefer to listen to other things.... Gah. I'm just digging myself into a hole.

Anyways, we were guaranteed a free t-shirt and we could watch the show as long as we made sure there was always at least one person at the merch table. I let the girl I was working with watch as much of the show that she wanted. She seemed more excited than I was about everything. Towards the end when Hawk Nelson was playing I went in and watched a few songs. Their light show was awesome.
You can't really tell in this picture though... Their letters lit up all multicolored at one point, and they had strobe lights going off sporadically.
My friend Amy used my camera to take these pictures. For their encore performance they came out dressed like Journey and sang Don't Stop Believing.

I was a merch monkey for the band Superchick and I had a lot of fun despite it being a little stressful. They had one of the busiest tables aside from Hawk Nelson, but I like selling stuff to people so it was cool. The merch manager was really nice, and a complete hipster dreamboat. As I was chatting with him I found out that he 1) had no idea what day it was 2) was the fill in bassist 3)hadn't showered in a while and 4)thought my little town was pretty cool.

Apparently we are since Weird Al is coming in a few days. I had no idea that we had decent events coming to my town. I really want to go see Riverdance now.

I did my best to pick out the most ambiguous shirt from all of the bands so I wouldn't get any crap for being a poser... >.> Buuuuut whatever. It was free and I live for free stuff.


  1. What is the difference between a Christian band and a non-Christian band? Unless you sing gospel all the time, it's very difficult to see the difference.

    Fickle Cattle

  2. Continue doing what you're doing. You're such a sweetheart :)

  3. Woohoo!! Volunteering at concerts is amazing, isn't it??

    I must say, I'm not really a fan of Christian Rock, meaning music where they sing about being Christian. I'm cool with Christian musicians, but when they sing about their beliefs copying the format of a rock song, it bugs me...probably just because EVERY local band near me is, just so they can get gigs at churches.

    Sounds like an excellent show, though!! I'm sure I'd love the bands live, when reality replaces theory XD

  4. My inner nerd would like you to know that I am insanely jealous... because my inner nerd loves Superchick.

  5. I start volunteering this Saturday too except I'm doing administrative things for an ESL group.

    Hopefully no Christian songs for me, I can't stand them.

  6. I couldn't resist this, lol. Usually Christian music isn't this crazy haha. But mostly I guess its just like regular music? I really don't know to be honest, but its nice to volunteer!

  7. Volunteering is a really good thing to do, when you find a regular place that's always nice. That light show seemed amazing!

  8. Oh my gosh, I love Hawk Nelson. They're great. I also love hipster dreamboats.

    I love your blog design! And the blog itself. I am glad that group is bringing all of us together, haha.

  9. That sounds like so much fun! Being a part of anything is awesome. :) Freebies are even more awesome!