Saturday, September 24, 2011

Speedos are awkward

Oh my goodness. Please, for the love of everything decent in the universe--- if you're a guy just don't. Don't ever wear a speedo in the presence of a female. Never ever. Unless you have the body of a Greek god (and let's not try and be delusional fellas. There's a reason why Hollister didn't hire you as a model).

Anyways, I woke up early this Saturday to take pictures at my school's invitational swim meet and I nearly had a heart attack when I discovered that EVERY guy on the swim team sans one donned a Speedo. Not to be rude or mean, but I don't think my eyes will ever be able to recover. Ever.

I did have fun taking pictures though. Out of the bazillion that I took this one is probably one of my favorites that I can post. I didn't want to use any that showed anyone's face, or one that we could potentially use in the yearbook.

I had a HUGE Sigma 100-300mm lens and I used a Canon EOS 60D so I felt a little overwhelmed by the equipment, but after a while I got used to the massive weight of the lens juxtaposed by the lightness of the camera itself. I'm really trying my best to learn more about cameras and whatnot, but I get confused really easily, especially when people start talking about ISOs and f-stops, whatever those are. Pfft, honestly I just mess around until stuff starts to look good.

The only thing I had an issue with was actually capturing pictures of the swimmers, in motion, with a recognizable face. You have no idea how hard that is. In yearbook we have to use pictures that show recognizable facial features, which at times can be very limiting. Ah, well I managed to get some decent pictures and I'm sure I'll have the opportunity to get more seeing as this is only the first swim meet of the season (does swim even have a season?).

Anyways, this was just a little update/quasi public service announcement about speedos.

On another note, class ranks have been sent out and I'm a little frazzled. My parents have yet to check the P.O. Box so I'm a little anxious to see if I've gone up or down. Regardless, I know the rank will be slightly inaccurate because of all the people who have dropped AP at the beginning this year... GAH. I NEED TO KNOW MY RANK. I need to know if I've clawed my way up from the top 15% of my class....


  1. I agree with the "just mess around till it looks good" bit.
    You're on yearbook? That's awesome.

  2. Whoa, you should see me in a pair of budge-smuggles, I cut quite a figure.


    Yeahhhhh no, I don't think anyone looks good in them either. Not that I check out guys in speedos...

    A teacher of mine back in highschool made the mistake of wearing speedos during the annual teacher swimming race... it didn't go well. Entire school kinda laughed when he got up on the starting block. Poor guy.

  3. I had to go check my grades and rank immediately after reading this post...fear not, they were still good!

  4. I went to a beach on Cape Cod once, and since there were a lot of foreigners on vacation there, there were so many speedos. My eyes still burn from the sight of old french men in saggy speedos. It was horrifying.

    In a unrelated note, good luck on your class rank!

  5. I only know of a select few guys that can actually look good in a Speedo... everyone else just needs to STOP. But taking pictures with a big fancy camera sounds fun, besides the horrors that assaulted your eyes!

    Good luck with class rank. My school doesn't do it, so I have no idea. I know I'm in at least the top quarter but from there I really don't know. I guess it's good that I don't have something else to stress over...


    And wowwwwwww. Speedos. Well. Hmm.

    GAHH I want to know my class rank too. But none of my teachers like giving away that info. I'm like dying here.

  7. Oh, camera equipment. I say go with your gut and do what looks good. The only people who actually know about F stops, apertures, and ISO levels at our age are just pretentious. Or photographers, but I mean the REAL photographers, not girls with Nikon D3000s.

    Gah, I remember when we got our diplomas after graduation and mine said that I had made top 2% of my class, and I was so stoked. My grade has like 700 people in it, and we're all suburban rich kids, (except me, I'm literally broke), and I was so proud. But then I remembered that it didn't matter, because most percentage colleges look at top 30, so you're covered either way!

    KEEP HAVIN' FUN. Ha, I'm from Oklahoma.

  8. Ohh speedos. Never go to a beach in Europe, your eyes are bound to literally burn up and fall out of your skull from the amount of fat, hairy men who wear nothing but speedos.


  9. You got something to say? So say it.

  10. I don't enjoy swimming often. I'm really thin and very pale. :\

  11. Hahahaha! Your comment on guys wearing speedos made me laugh. I can only imagine your reaction. Haha!

  12. Good luck in clawing your way up lol. Just be glad it wasn't mankinis.

  13. oh this post made me laugh.
    that photo is amazing! go you! :D

  14. We get our ranks at the beginning of the year, broski. But don't stress. You're awesome. You'll make it.

    Sounds like you've been having an awesome time! And I'm so jelly. I want that camera *_*