Thursday, September 1, 2011

Deep Breaths

I'm pretty sure that if it weren't for the Holstee manifesto and Gwen Stefani I'd have gone insane by now.

I had a slight panic attack before my government test (shaking and everything) because despite studying I still felt unprepared. Luckily, I did the unit outline, which will give me an extra 10 bonus points.

And I can't find this one passage in my literary analysis book that I need to complete an assignment for English class. I've looked in the index for the story title and separately for the author and still found nothing. So far three other people haven't been able to find it either so... I don't know. I'm going to go in early and see if perhaps there was an error in the assignment. Last night I was so frustrated because I couldn't find it that I gave myself a headache.

As far as Shy Guy goes, I'm throwing in the towel. Giving up. Refusing to make an effort. Maybe it's all the Nietzsche stuff I've been discussing lately with some of my classmates, or maybe I've just noticed the futility of my actions. Whatever. I'm tired of the lack of understanding on his end. If he can't handle that I'm busy with school work now, then how is he going to cope with my college work load next year? I'm not going to be slacking off in college like he is. I don't need guilt. I don't need to feel obligated to someone that I'm not in a non-monogamous relationship with. And I most certainly don't need someone trying to talk me out of going to my dream university. The end.


  1. I think that it is good that you decided to take a stand on your school work, I know what it is like to have that slight panic attack, I hope everything went well!

  2. Go Lizzi! And The A&P reference is in the quest chapter I think. It's not like directly stated by it's there.

  3. I'm sure you're far better without him ;) cheers for doing a good job in your school works!

  4. You work too hard! Keep it up, people like you are going to be running the country one day!

  5. Definitely focus on your studies and getting into a good uni. That kind of stuff comes first, no questions asked, the majority of the time.
    And you make an excellent point; if he can't take you studying for school exams, how does he think he'll cope when the uni stuff kicks in? He won't stand a chance.

    And that whole 'non-monogamous' relationship he seems to be aiming for...? He's probably not even worth the trouble.

    You know how to prioritise, kudos to you for that; most people can't and or don't know how to.

    Good luck in your exams too, and don't fret too much, I'm sure you'll do fine. Hell, I KNOW you'll do better than fine.


  6. Honestly I can't even focus on anything right now, much less boys too. SINGLE 4 LYFE LOL. Sigh. But really, school is evil this year. Why did I decide to take so many APs and be an overachiever.