Monday, August 22, 2011

An Update

So Shy Guy and his girlfriend broke up... Nothing horrible or anything, they just decided that their relationship was a bit stagnant.

Since then he's been talking to me more and I don't really know what to make of it.

I sort of feel like if we met at a different time we might have a chance at something beyond platonic, but right now all my energy is focused on school, college apps, and scholarships.

Also, I don't really have time to mess around with his 'beat around the bush' nonsense that he keeps presenting me with.

I talked to T about it and he advised me to just view things from a surface perspective and not dive into situations trying to read anything further about it. Good advice. I honestly enjoy talking to Shy Guy and we have similar tastes and quirky viewpoints that no one else shares so I'm going to just let things be for the moment.

After the 2:40 mark when they harmonize I feel like I'm in musical nirvana.


  1. Yep, letting things be probably sounds like the best bet, what with school pressures etc. And hey, maybe something beautiful will materialise. After all, it's the guy's prerogative to take things further if he wants to. Just be wary of being a 'rebound', that's not nice! :)

  2. Yeah, I guess I'd just say let things happen... if you two end up getting together, great! But at the same time, it's senior year, and there's so much to deal with that having a relationship maintain might just be annoying to handle, haha. :P

  3. nah, that's rubbish advice. only nascent entrepreneurs don't have time for a relationship. you might as well go for it!

  4. Well, you could view things from a different point. Instead of looking at it as a distraction, why not think of it as an inspiration? :)

  5. Guys don't give me the light of day unless it's to ask what grade I got.
    (Read: I miss my 2011 senior boys so, so much. This fall is going to be so boring in comparison to fall 2010.)

    That song is beautiful. I see (hear?) what you mean about the musical nirvana past 2:40. Everything looks so gorgeous, too. Gosh, I am really considering being a director...

  6. Such a beautiful song...but you know if you like him...well I suck at advice so I can't really say..