Sunday, August 21, 2011

School on Tuesday

Ugh. Thinking about starting senior year makes me want to vomit.

For some reason whenever I get nervous I feel like I'm going to puke my brains out. Usually I just feel a little jittery, but as of late I've been overcome by this upchucking sensation. Maybe it's hormones? I don't know. I just feel a little odd.

Anyways, my schedule is pretty awesome. My school has a block schedule so I have some classes everyday and others every other day.

My schedule looks like this:


Environmental Science/Government


Studio Art

Art History

The bolded classes are the ones that I have every day, the non bolded ones alternate. As you can see I pretty much start and end my day with awesome classes! Of course I'll be busy working like a mad woman in yearbook (the perks of being an editor!) and working like a sane version of Van Gogh in Studio Art (I have to finish 12 pieces before May!), but you guys no how I like to keep busy.

I really want to make senior year great because it's forshaddowing for my future. I would make a list of goals, but really I just want to be nicer to everyone, keep up with my planner, and try to look presentable every day.

Simple? Maybe. Difficult? Definitely.

Anyways, in other news I've been indulging in my most recent guilty pleasure The Glee Project. If you haven't seen the finale yet you might want to stop reading this NOW before I continue talking....

Anyways, I was happy that both of my favorite contenders from the beginning of the show won! Yay! ....Now I might actually watch Glee on a regular basis.

I mean, how can you resist those dream boats? I'm interested to see how the writers are going to incorporate their characters into the show.

Yeah. Here's hoping I have a good first day!


  1. I know that feel. I'm not looking forward to potentially going back to classes either.

  2. Ugh, school... I have English with you! Yes! I thought I didn't have classes with anyone! But still... ugh, senior year. We can do it! And I have off-campus first period everyday so if I don't look halfway presentable, please, stab me.

  3. So you start school tomorrow then? I start next Tuesday. Blah. And wait, so yearbook is like an entire class? That's cool! That and art are sure to be super fun.

    I haven't watched the Glee Project finale yet, but I'm fine with being spoiled haha. I'm excited to see them on the actual show!

  4. I remember getting nervous for school... now I just get nervous about life. The desire to puke your brains out just doesn't seem to go away with time. Have a good senior year though, my senior year was one of the better years of high school.

  5. You're editor of the yearbook? Cool :)