Friday, August 19, 2011

Material possessions.

Today I embarked upon a shopping trip with my mom.

It was pretty successful. Then I lounged around a bit at her house and chatted with my Filipino grandparents, played with Max (who is a bichon frise), and ate some yummy sabayo and rice.

I would post pictures, but I'm lazy.

Anyways, as I was shopping I started thinking about the future (which currently makes me want to vomit) and how I ought to be buying things like "staple items" instead of fad items. Timeless, useful things--- like a black Chanel dress. But obviously not a Chanel because I don't have a money tree in my yard.

But, you know, things I can use throughout the rest of high school and college when I have presentations, interviews, and meetings (vomit, vomit, and vomit). Luckily my mom has also been thinking about that and gave me this:

This Calvin Klein dress has become the first of hopefully a hand full of "staple items" that I'm sure I'll need somewhere down the road. The next thing on my list is a standard black dress.

I just don't want to be that person who has to scramble around at the last minute to buy/borrow something nice the night before a big event. I'd also like to avoid being "sweat pants and a t-shirt" girl in the foreseeable future.

The future freaks me out.

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  1. that dress is super cute!! :D

    yeah, the future freaks me out too.