Saturday, August 20, 2011

Desperate times


Under no circumstance is it ever cool to steal from old people.

Under no circumstance is it ever cool to steal from MY grandparents.

Back story: Today my grandparents went to the grocery store to buy food and pick up a few things for a church potluck on Sunday. They live out in the country, and instead of going to the market about 10 minutes away from their house they decided to drive into town to go to a slightly larger store because there was a bigger selection and the prices were lower. My grandma is a champ. She ALWAYS brings her own canvas bags because she's environmentally conscious and well, just awesome in general.

Well, as my grandparents were paying for their groceries, they noticed a lady in one of those motorized scooters sort of lurking nearby at one of the other check out lanes. After my grandma had paid she and my grandpa proceeded to bag all of their stuff. The lurker lady, after bagging her own groceries grabs one of my grandma's canvas bags, puts it in her scooter basket, and proceeds to drive out. Slightly outraged they yelled after her.

My grandpa with the assistance of the manager who saw her take the bag proceed to chase her down. My grandpa has had a hip and femur replacement, so he couldn't really have run after her. After a little while they found her car right before she was about to leave and the manager ordered her to give back the groceries, and she just said that she didn't have them. When the manager asked her to open her car so he could check she just said that he could only look through her windows. SHE HAD AN EFFING TARP COVERING THE BAG.

My grandpa, fed up and exhausted decided to not press any further and just let her take the food. His rationalization was if she needed the food that bad, then she should just have it.

Here's the thing that made me upset. She STOLE $15 worth of groceries that were in my grandma's favorite souvenir bag from Disney world. That's pretty messed up. My grandparents are too nice to a fault and would have been more than willing to help her if she would have ASKED. The fact that she preyed upon elderly people makes me want to hunt her down and slash her tires. Just kidding. I'd probably just demand that she give the bag back, because it had sentimental value.

I'm so disgusted that this situation happened and I sort of wish I would have been there so I could have caught that woman before she had the opportunity to hide the groceries in her car.

And the kicker? The thing that makes me want to punch every evil thing in the face? The groceries she stole were for the potluck at my grandparent's church. I HOPE THE FOOD THAT LADY STOLE GIVES HER THE RUNS.


  1. Your grandparents were very nice not to insist she give the food back.
    Had it been my grandparents, they would have pressed charges.
    You have a cool blog, followed :)
    Check out mine?

  2. Wow. That's some pretty messed up BS. Just wow. Karma should have something nice in store for her.