Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Conflict in plans

Yesterday I was under the assumption that my mom was taking my sister and I out to dinner so that she could spend "quality time" with us. Apparently that also meant taking us to a boring network marketing presentation about coffee afterwords. And the coffee wasn't even that good.

Not realizing that we would be going anywhere requiring business casual attire my sister and I showed up to her house dressed in shorts and t-shirts. My mom fussed a bit trying to get us to change into some of her clothes, and my sister complied. I simply told my mom that if she would have told me about the presentation I would have dressed for it.

The presentation was boring, and non-relevant to my life. However I did get ice-cream and an icee out of the experience. I like ice-cream.

Tomorrow is like, THE day for people to plan things.

My friend Hannah had an extra ticket to Six Flags, which I sadly can't take advantage of :(

My friend Madelyn is having a party at her parent's pottery store, that I might not be able to go to :(

I have a yearbook meeting/mini-camp with staff members that takes priority over both aforementioned things, but hopefully I'll be able to swing over to the pottery place after everything is done...

Also I had a bizarre dream a few days ago that I was getting married, and Weezer was playing at the reception. I don't remember who I was getting married to, but the fact that Weezer was there is enough proof that it was probably someone with an awesome taste in music and culture. I really wish I remembered all the details, but alas my dream memory tends to be a bit temperamental.

Sidenote: To all of the bloggers in the UK, I hope you guys stay safe! Riots are scary...not that I've ever been caught up in one, but I'm sure it's not a pleasant experience. <-understatement


  1. Ice cream is good.
    Icee's are good. (Ask Shanise!)
    Six Flags is good.
    Riots are bad.

  2. I just found out about the riots today - I still don't know what caused them, crazy.

    The only thing better than ice cream is gelato, I freaking love gelato.

  3. I live just outside of London Lizzi, it's not nice. Massive police presence in my town and everyone is on edge. I'm hoping we've seen the worst of it, but I worry there's alot more to come. We've had 4 or 5 burnt out vehicles and countless bins set on fire. It's strange walking through town seeing buildings boarded up, not due to damage but as a precaution.

    Looting opportunistic scumbags. They should all be locked up.