Monday, August 29, 2011

Beginning of a new week

Woo! I made a Deathly Hallows shrinky dink necklace charm! And I recently found my Harry Potter glasses. Also if you look reaaaaaaaally close you can see my panda nails! Sorry if I look sleepy/more Chinese than normal. I've been really tired lately.

Oh man. The second week of school is the one I dread the most. Why? Because it's when all the testing begins. At the end of the week I have an Environmental Science test, and I think a Government test if I'm not mistaken...

Last night I stayed up to watch the VMA's. Big mistake. I only stayed awake to see the Amy Winehouse tribute by Bruno Mars (which was so wonderful), and despite going to bed at 10:20ish I felt the reprocussions of deviating from my bedtime. At first I was ok, super peppy, and mostly in denial of my fatigue, then once I got home I pretty much died on the inside. I grew crabby and snippy and all I wanted to do was sleep. But I couldn't. Because I had homework. And then my dad wanted me to make a flyer for the speaking club event he's in charge of. And then I had dinner. And now I have to go back to doing homework.

It's a never ending cycle.

However I do have hope that all of this work will prepare me for college. So far my friends have told me that they have TONS of work, but compared to AP classes it's relatively simple.

If I wasn't so swamped with homework I might actually be able to make out the light at the end of the tunnel.

Oh, and for those of you desiring an update on Shy Guy, since I've been so busy I've only been able to hang out with him once and I think he's a little frustrated that I've been too busy to talk or text him. Not to mention he doesn't understand that AP classes take up such a big chuck of time because he never took them. Ah, well I guess we'll see how it goes.


  1. I just wanted to comment something although I should really be doing homework.

    That charm is off the chain! (Ha ha, okay, did that sound too incredibly dorky?)

    I understand the cycle completely, my friend.

    RE: Thank you for the panda hug. :D

  2. About shy guy, let things fall into place ;) I've glasses like that too but I haven't got my self any of those Deathly Hallows necklace :(

  3. I was on twitter when the VMA's and thirty new tweets came on my home within the first five minutes. Everything takes time and so will this especially with your intense busy schedule, hope things go well!

  4. I looked on the schedule for my AP classes and I have a test on FRIDAY. As in, on the fourth day of school. I am going to die. I am glad to hear that although you are slowly being buried alive under mountains of AP work, you are still breathing. I START TOMORROW, MWAHHH.

  5. Ugh, don't remind me. Classes start next week for me. ;_;

  6. I am feeling so sleepy right now, cause I always find something interesting to watch at late night, lol. I like your blog and I'd like us to follow each other, if you follow my blog just let me know so I can follow back ! :) Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies

  7. i wanna the charm !
    very very cute and yeah harry potter !!!!!!!!

  8. your charm is so cute! :)
    and you look fab in your hp glasses!! hehe.
    i hope all your tests go ok.
    oh shy guy..he sounds awesome. if he likes you, he will understand that you are a little busy at the moment and will wait. :)

  9. Amazing! Ha, I love, "So I look a bit more sleepy/Chinese than usual."

    Why aren't you psyched about being a senior?

    Good luck with shy guy. I think. Unless he's like actually a serial killer or something.

  10. Awh man, that Deathly Hallows necklace shrinky dink? I'm so jealous.

    I'm a Harry Potter geek and the whole world should know it.

    Sorry about all the schoolwork, that cycle is a bad one.


  11. I've recently discovered the marvel of energy drinks; so much more to the day. Pretty sure the time will come when I will just collapse from a brain aneurysm or something, but we're all going to die some time or the other. I like your blog.

  12. I understand your pain. 3 days of school and I was already dead tired on top of having a summer reading test on Tuesday so, I'm drowning my self in sparknotes right now.

    If Shy Guy is willing to work it out than he'll be able to deal with your schedule.