Sunday, August 28, 2011

Something to look forward to

I want to go to a music festival. More specifically, Bonnarroo. Sure, I could have picked Coachella, ACL, Lollapalooza, or Warped Tour, but I feel like Bonnarroo is the best bet for my first full blown music festival.

Sure, I've been to Warped Tour, but it was only for one day, whereas Bonnarroo is 4 days of sweat, music, filth, and pure nirvana (or so I've heard).

Currently whether or not I'll be able to attend is speculative because 1) I need to somehow round up $300+ for the ticket and another $300 for general expenses. Yeah. This might be impossible. 2) It's the summer before I leave for NC to go to college. Yeah. Again, I'm going to be busy preparing so this might be impossible. 3) I haven't told, hinted, or smoke signaled my parents that I want to go yet. Mainly because I want to have enough money before I tell them my plans.

The hopes of MAYBE being able to go is what's getting me through the mounds of homework I have.
Along with that, I'm looking forward to making the above tent with my friends. Ever since last year when the publication staff made one in our hotel room in Austin I've been obsessed with tents/forts.
Gathering from the enthusiasm expressed above the likelihood of this project happening is quite high. And I will make sure to document it when it happens.

But alas, I must leave now because I have to outline the first chapter in my Environmental Science book and read the first chapter in my Art History book. And then I have to get dressed and go to an induction tea ceremony for my high school's female volunteer organization. Ah, the perks of being service chair.


  1. I think it would be AMAZING to go to a music festival, but I know I'll probably never be able to find the money for it. Too bad so sad. If I could, it would probably go to Lollapalooza.

    How's your senior year going?

  2. Bonnaroo would be so awesome! Where is that even?

  3. @Christopher Lollapalooza is a close second for me. And so far senior year is going great. I haven't cut myself or started crying profusely at all the pressure I'm under...YET.

    @Em It's in Tennessee! Yeah!

  4. Bonnaroo sounds like it would be amazing. I've also wanted to go to a music festival because of the atmosphere... and plus it would be cool to just say I've been to one...

  5. My friend Emilia would seriously die to go to Bonnarroo so I guess I understand the attraction. Personally not my cup of tea, but I think if you're committed, you can earn that money/get past the obstacles in your way.

    Haha, smoke signaled your parents. Clever. :)

    Tents and forts will forever make me think of that one episode of Community. If you don't watch Community, you should! :D

  6. I hope that you are able to go, around here if you go to warped tour its like you died and gone to heaven, but that seems like QUITE the price to pay, that made me laugh smoke signal :D

  7. Oh poo. Why must things cost so much money? $300 for a ticket is kind of ridic... but it would still be really awesome. As would building that freakin' fantastic fort/tent thingy. I would definitely want to do that. :D

  8. i'd just put on the stereo, turn the heat up in your house, and charge yourself $4 for bottles of water if i were you.

  9. I want to go to Bonnaroo sooooooo badly!!! I will have to save up and go one year! I am am obsessed with that tent picture!!

  10. yes! go to a festival. :) i would really like to go to coachella.
    yeah, you need so much money for the ticket, and then so much for other stuff. but, yes, you should do it before you go to college! :D