Saturday, August 6, 2011


Thursday: Ashley and I had our first "official" meeting with our yearbook supervisor. I'm not going to lie, I was scared out of my mind. I was worried that she wouldn't like our designs, our ideas, or even me; however I was pleasantly surprised. Aside from a few technical things on our designs she liked them for the most part. Later after our meeting we went out to lunch with last year's editor as he rambled about getting settled into college and whatnot. It was nice.

I'm just so glad that so far, everything is going smoothly! Now, hopefully the rest of the year will be as nice!

Friday: My family and I cleaned house for my little brother's birthday party. His birthday was actually on Thursday, but we were waiting to have his party on the weekend so we kind of just let Steven assume his birthday lasted 3 days. I mean, he's a toddler so it's not a big deal.

Today: We had Steven's party, and it went well. I think sometime in the future I'm going to have to take a picture of all of my little brother's dinosaurs. He has TONS of dinosaur figures, and he got even more today, including some pretty awesome glow in the dark ones. I just finished up picking up all the trash and empty gift boxes, and right now I'm multitasking by looking up Adobe inDesign tutorials, fixing the yearbook templates, and writing this blog post.

My parents have still yet to order 2 books that I need to read before the 23rd, and I still have to finalize my papers and make a presentation board for my AP Enviro project. Right now I'm just going to focus on buckling down on all my work, so my posting capabilities will be limited--- unless you want to read about the importance of protecting spotted deer and big leaf mahoganies. I'm honestly trying to get myself motivated to finish these papers, but I'm finding it hard to get motivated about something that I honestly don't care about--- So to remedy this problem I'm going to immerse myself in National Geographic articles and documentaries in the vain attempt to make myself give a crap about these obscure endangered species.

I'll still be reading and commenting as per usual because I need something to keep me sane!


  1. I was going to leave comment saying, "What's the rush? We've got loads of time before school starts." And then I looked at the calender and realized it's already August 6th.

    And I'm like AASGHDFGAHF I didn't even bother getting my assignments yet because I assumed we had so much time! AJAGDGFJ!

  2. Is it wrong that I'm now curious about the importance of protecting spotted deer... ?

  3. Oh maaaaaaaan, I love dinosaurs. They're so cool. Their "I don't give a f*ck so I think I'll eat/stomp-the-sh*t-out-of you" attitudes just appeal to me for some reason.

    Am I insane? Probably.

  4. It's funny what we think is most important at a younger age. I need to get books for my summer homework asap too, my mom isn't very willing to got with my to Barnes&Noble though, but I guess we will see what happens with that.

  5. Whenever I get summer reading I'm always thinking, "I'm going to get this done in July and then I'll have August free!" It's August 7th and I'm still not done.

  6. A lot of my friends opted to take AICE Environmental Studies this year because they figured it would be easy (it probably is) but they have a teacher famed for causing "Death by Powerpoint."

    That said, I completely understand a lack of motivation for reading about big leaf mahoganies.

    Bright side: You have more of a summer. I have THREE DAYS. D:

  7. i am glad your year book supervisor liked your ideas!! :D

    and dinosaur figures!! glow in the dark ones!! yes, pretty please take photos. hehe. :D

  8. Excuse the French, BUT FUCK SCHOOL.

    AP Enviro at our school is a joke. The only classes I got anything out of were AP Spanish, Lit, Lang, Gov, Euro, and Stat.