Thursday, October 9, 2008


Ok, so this might come back to bite me in the arse big time, but seeing as I DIDN'T tell any blabbermouths at school, I simply had to type this lest my head explode.

I skipped a class today.  With 6 people.  One of whom had a car.  It was also one of those cars where only three EXTREMELY tiny people could fit in the back, but some how we managed to squeeze four normal sized people in there by some miracle.

I feel like such a badass today it's not even funny.  Now I wish I had a car and a licence.  Thank you unnamed senior who almost killed us today by weaving unnecessarily beside giant 18 wheelers.  You made today a little brighter.  And you also instilled in me a belief that not all teacher suck ups are boring.


  1. holy shit!!!!
    why didn't you bring me with you????!!!!!
    what class did you skip???

  2. LUCKY!!! I remember those days! I swear I skipped like 75% of my senior year, 50% of my junior year and like 20% of my sophmore year. LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT! my friend has like 6 facebook albums labeled: Class... What is "Class"?? ... I swear it was sooo much fun... you guys just be safe when you do it!

  3. When I skipped, I got in trouble both times. So never again.
    I'm saying this now but my mind might change later.