Friday, October 3, 2008

Not the Right Time

Ok, so this has become a big problem.  I really, truly, honestly do not want a boyfriend right now.


-I'm picky

-I don't like talking on the phone at all.

-In fact, the only thing I like about dating is the making out part.  Sad, but true.

-I think you have a lot more fun as friends. (insert big shocking gasp here)

Since summer, I've had 4 guys ask for my number-- and I know it's not a big deal to those who are naturally flirty, but for me that's  a record.

Hehe I've only told my closest friends about two or three of the guys....  But on to the matter at hand, What on earth do those guys see in me?

Do they think I'm an easy catch?  Do they only like me for my boobs?  Do they only want to hook up with me?

Honestly, I do try my hardest to turn guys AWAY from me.  Maybe I need to improve my effort, maybe change a few things here and there.  Er, maybe I do need a boyfriend?.... 

Wait, no.  I take that back.  Whatever their problem is, and whatever my problem is, It's easily remedied by the word No.

PS anyone else seriously thinking about going to TWICON?


  1. I thought about it, I mean we only live about 2 hours away. ...But, then I asked my parents and you can guess what they said.

  2. dating doesn't have to be as serious as most people think it is. it can basically be a friend-with-benefits thing, only you just SAY you're dating.
    haha if that helps....

  3. haha you're right about the making out part.