Monday, October 6, 2008

The End of the Social Experiment

Ok, so I've decided to quit the social experiment project.

Sadly, it pretty much become useless, and not only does it stress me out, I feel as it it's my responsibility to be friends with someone who obviously doesn't want or deserve my friendship. I've tried to be friends with L, honestly I have.In fact I probably was one of the first few people who have ever tried to have continuous normal conversation with him, but lately its started to get harder and harder to be friends with him.  

I may sound selfish, but I would rather spend my time laughing and having fun with people who actually talk to me then to be subject to a person who just stands there, not showing any emotion of even caring that I'm there.

It's sad to say, but I'm weary of being L's friend. I've sacrificed a great bit to hang out with him and try to include him in things, but each time I try he just brushes off my efforts and literally walks away.

There's only so much I as a person can do before he himself has to start putting in some effort.

Sometimes he makes me feel as if all my efforts were in vain. I've tried to be there and talk with him and try to make him feel like he does matter, but as mentioned before he just brushes it off as insignificant. When I first started being friends with him I thought I wouldn't expect anything, but now I see it's different. I've changed, made new friends, and set my feet outside of my little box I've built up around myself over the years-- and I'm happy. However L is just there. Stagnant and non changing.

The point is, I'm tired of being there, I'm tired of wasting my time on someone who can't and won't help themselves when I could be spending my time laughing and having fun with people who enjoy my company and vice versa.

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  1. The case has been declared closed.

  2. Yeah, I can kind of see how you'd feel...

  3. Sad I did enjoy the antics. However, very true, enough is enough sometimes and if someone doesn't respond to your efforts, why try anymore? I think I need to take my own advice...

  4. that sucks. i would tell you that that you should just stop trying, but i can't even take my own advice. it always sucks when the efforts aren't reciprocated.