Saturday, October 18, 2008



Today I had to wake up at the unholy time of 4am and go to school and it was OK at first, until we got to the school.

Now, the host school was wonderful. WONDERFUL. However, we had to do Extempt Speaking, which sucked-- and I missed my first LD (lincoln douglas) round.

Missing the round was totally my fault and I seriously regret it because if I would have done the round I would have gone against this supremely cute novice guy.

DUDE.  I'm kinda happy he won by default because I don't think I would have been able to focus on my case at all.  Ahh and what made it even better is that we talked for like 15 minutes afterwards, and said hi to each other the rest of the day.  Mmmmm he was very cute.

Also, have I mentioned yet how much I HATE JACK? No?  WELL I DO.

Holy shiz, all he did was give us advice, and then criticize us afterwards.  FYI for those who don't know who Jack is, you don't want to know who he is.  He is the person that everyone hates, and has a good reason to hate.

In fact, I resorted to giving Pied Piper* three, yes THREE hugs in order to ensure that I will never ever have to ride in the same van as the horrendous creature known as Jack.

Weird fact that you would probably not care about: Pied Piper gives good hugs.


* If you don't know who Pied Piper is, and why me hugging him is a total shocker, just type in his name in the search box of my blog.

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  1. The amount of people that give good hugs these days is steadily declining, props to the Pied Piper... Still doesn't make up for his previous suck-ness, though.