Tuesday, October 21, 2008

These Questions Are Odd

B sent me a survey that I thought looked interesting.  It was definitely fun, and I think it's a lot more complex than those online ones that just ask for your favourite colour and drink.


If a significant other broke up with you, what Artist/Band would you blast from your radio and why?

The Killers.  Is it just me or are all their songs good break up songs?  Not to mention they're soft at times, and grungy when need be.  To me, they are the perfect band for this situation.

What piece of literature poetry/story (songs don't count) is your favourite, and which is your least favourite?  Why?

Favourite:  Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, because it is a great story about censorship and the struggle to stay sane.  I think it shows how much our government could brainwash us if we let them, and it also stands as a warning of what could happen if they ever tried to.  Anything by Kurt Vonnegut is also good.

Least Favourite:  Nancy Drew.  I don't know who the author is, and nor do I care because it seems that each book in the series that I read is like a carbon copy of the first, but with different characters and places.

Do you think Vegetarianism is an ideal way of life?

Er, I have no idea.  I have never been a vegetarian-- and if I ever though of being one right now my parents would kill me.  I grew up eating meat so I see nothing wrong with it, but I'm not against anyone who is a veggie head.

What do you look for in potential friends (qualities, looks, etc.)?

Don't care much about looks, but I have to say that I do gravitate to those who are dressed weird, or dark.  As for qualities, I look for compatibility.  If I have nothing in common with them the chances of us being friends are slim.

What is your personal opinion of what a life goal should be?

A life goal should be to achieve something that makes you happy.  If working at McDonalds makes you happy then great.  If you wanna be a Rockstar, that's awesome.  I just think everyone should just strive to always do what makes them happy.


I though these questions were different and more interesting, so If you wanna take the survey feel free to fill it out and pass it along!


  1. I will pass this along... its cool.

    Yeah Nancy Drew books are all the same. I read part of one of them-and I wanted to sleep.

    But the computer games are kinda fun...hehe

  2. i like your answers! i'm going to pass it along. reading Nancy Drew IS a little dry. and even if sci-fi isn't my thing, Ray Bradbury is good if i'm in the mood, which isn't often :( The Martian Chronicles was rad, though.