Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mad Little Maverick

Dude.  I cannot express enough how much I hate this one girl at my school.

Not only is she totally ignorant and close minded, but she has the audacity to get mad at me for setting her straight.

She made a disparaging remark towards our Spanish teacher, who happens to be from Peru, and it wasn't just the comment, it was the tone in her voice accompanied by it.

Now imagine a high pitched southern accent, that belongs to a blonde bimbo who probably hasn't been a virgin since she was 13.  Ok, now imagine her sneering.  That's a good visual.  Here's what she said in a very spiteful and disrespectful voice:

"UGGHHHH!! Why do I have to learn this frickin be- ess? God, I'm not a frickin wetback like she is!!!!"

Ok, ONE our Spanish teacher is from Peru.  She did not swim the border, so please Malin, get better comebacks.  TWO, no one cares about what jocks you're friends with, I have wiccan friends that can burn your hair.  

During class I mouthed off at here in a moment of anger and called her an ignorant human being that should be euthanized.  I might have gone a little far, but it was a lot more thought out than outright calling her a btch.  Sometimes I wonder how people like her can even exist.


  1. Gawsh! I hate people like that, and seriously I don't think you went far enough. But, good choice of words anyway. I wouldn't have been able to jump all over her like that. Even if I was angry it would have come out sounding pathetic lmao :p

  2. there are plenty of people who exist for reasons i cannot fathom. gosh, that's awesome the way you mouthed off!