Monday, October 20, 2008

I like making people angry

I don't know, maybe it's a mental dysfunction or something, but I've always found it quite fun to provoke and make others angry.

Today Pied Piper brought Miranda in front of the class and asked why she was awesome, and her response was weak and hesitant.  Pied Piper built off that and tore her down.

In the hallway walking out of the class Miranda was trying to convince me that she put up a good fight, and the whole time I was like, DUDE you were as tough as a gummi bear, get over it.

And I knew by saying that I would piss her off, but I said it anyways.

Er, I wonder if this is bad?  I seriously do think things through, but sometimes I pick the bad option.  Not too smart on my part-- maybe my subconscious is trying to kill me?


  1. Oh man, I do that too. (Not to people I first meet, but after a while at least.) I should probably stop. Well, someone has to tell it like it is, right?

  2. See it as... telling the truth. They probably knew they weren't tough-so just telling them it better.


    Haha...that gummy bear thing made me giggle!

  3. ugh, i can imagine how that irked her. i do the same thing to people. their reactions reveal so much about them. it might be bad, but it's entertaining in a way.