Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Again, but more Blunt

 OK I'm almost to the point of being fed up.

Pied Piper and Kitty Pride are even more flirty then ever.

However, I'm more mad at Pied Piper than I am at Kitty.  Today before class I saw Kitty being all kissy-touchy with some sophomore guy, but that's normal.  It made me feel slightly better to know that she's a player, because in some malicious way I want Pied to find out.

Hehe, we'll see how long she stays in the class after that.....

Also, I got major burnage from Pied today because I couldn't figure out a problem-- but Kitty who AGAIN did nothing didn't get reprimanded.  UNFAIR.

But deep down, heck even on the shallow end-- it makes me feel better to know that Kitty is a player and only using Pied to get her way.

Call me demented, but it's the only way I can find peace in this situation.


  1. yeah, that does make it go down easier, the situation. she's a player.. takes away the intensity--a little. still annoying.

  2. It's really the teacher's assistant who should be blamed.

  3. i completley understand the whole, i want him to find out she's no good, even though it would hurt him, cuz he probably deserves it, thing. =] going through that same situation right now.

  4. haha. i hope he finds out and goes home to cry to his mama. friggin man-whore-jerk