Friday, October 10, 2008

Ahem, future Kimya here!

So I've wanted to do many things lately, most of which was co-write a novel, and write folk songs.

I wrote a song, but it doesn't make much sense without music-- but then again, what song does make sense without a tune?

Well, here it is in all it's glory.

Sometimes I wonder why girl pants are so tight
And why we have tiny pockets when
Guys have purses in their pants.
Oh it's not fair, we are so stuck
with tiny tight pants that
Make our butts look distorted--- oh that's not cool
I have guy pants in my closet
Their really comfy and I like
To stick the contents of my purse down my pocket
And brag about how I have a purse in my pants
No wonder guys don't carry purses
They're already built in, but
They're missing out on some cool fashion

And some of it repeats, and there's a little dance that goes with it.  But like I said, it sounds pretty dumb without the music.

Oh and I wrote another one, and I was trying to be a funny normal teen girl but it turned out weird.  This one doesn't have a dance, but I like it because it doesn't make sense.

I fell in like with a high school senior
And I was a freshman
He acted kind of gay
What was I supposed to say 
He still was kind of cool
Sometimes I think about him and his boyfriend
And then I kind of laugh
Cause he acted kind of gay
But I still liked him
Like when I talked about zombies
And how they reproduced
He would give me weird looks
And call me demented
Or when we were at school
And I called his dad a DILF
Yeah that was sorta weird
But he was still kinda cool
Cause he acted kinda gay
But I still liked him

See?  This is why I should never be allowed to touch a guitar.  I would probably baffle the world with my mindblowingly insane songs.  Think of it this way, I'd be a cross between Kimya Dawson, Arlo Guthrie, and Flight of the Concords.


  1. I love the pants song, and the gay guy one made me giggle :]

    I'm getting you a guitar now my co-writer!!!

    Remember: Pet kitty named Cameron. ;)

  2. Haha! Yeah, a lot of song lyrics sound weird without music. (ANd now that I think about it, especially Kimya Dawson's, LOL) =]

  3. I believe those ridiculous lyrics just made my Friday a bit brighter. Most people hate sharing their song lyrics, glad you aren't one of those people.