Monday, October 13, 2008

Again, with Kimya tendancies

So again I got inspired to write music, so I did.  It was partially inspired by this kid that dresses like a cowboy.

No lie, he wears honest to god Cowboy boots and wranglers almost every day.  The guys at school even call him Brokeback. Personally, I admire him for being different, and I actually think it's cute in a weird Texan way.  So here is my song dedicated to Mr. Cowboy:

Sometimes I wonder, because I wonder a lot
That the reason we don't talk is because
We're really awefully different
I Like Kimya Dawson and mosh pits
And you like Tim Mgraw and line dancing
Which isn't so bad because
I'm sure we have other things in common
Like our hate of trashy romance books
Or that movie the Notebook
But wait, you might like that.
So I wonder some more, because I wonder a lot
That maybe the reason we don't talk is because we're universes away
You're like a Lonesome Cowboy and
I'm like a Spazztic Koala
Which isn't so bad because
I like being different, and
I guess you do too.

Yeah, not my best work, but I scribbled it down in spanish class and I even had a decent tune for it that was really nice.  O.O I NEED TO FIND A GUITARIST.   Then we could form a folk band.

Also, for those who even care about Angry Punk Liberalists, I made a new post which can be found here.


  1. Thats actually pretty good!

    Cowboys are pretty cool!

  2. i LIKE that. like how 'which isn't so bad' refrains. wish i had cool ones like you as friend when i was in high school.