Friday, February 5, 2010

Pain, I am a pansy.

Sorry for the lack of posting, and reading, and commenting guys. I have a decent reason, I swear!

And this time it's not just me, on my bed, watching hours of Project Runway, ANTM, and Golden Girls.... Well ok, I was doing that, but prior to watching the tube I was puking my brains out.

Wednesday I either got food poisoning, or caught a nasty bug... either way I blame school. After lunch, during a math quiz I felt queasy.

Not wanting to be "one of those kids" who pukes in class, and is then made fun of for the rest of the year, I quietly rummaged through my folder for my bathroom pass, handed it to my teacher, and them proceeded to race to the bathroom.

I barely made it in time before chunks of lasagna and stomach acid were spewed everywhere. TMI, I know, but for the rest of the day anything I ate, or drank was quickly upchucked 15 minutes later. My parents, worried about me getting dehydrated took me to the emergency room where from 8 PM - 1AM I was hooked up to an IV of Phenergan, half awake, trying to convince myself that this nasty bug was not going to keep me from missing the Art Symposium at Kilgore college. It did, but at least I'm recovering now.

Thursday was the worst. I didn't even realize that you could be sore later from dry heaving. All night chest pains kept me up, and the only thing I had to look forward to in the morning was the promise of applesauce and dry toast.

But oh well. Puking and dry heaving pains aside I learned a valuable lesson about myself: The recent AcaDec picture is a new all time low for me because it seems to remind all of my friends about the "mathletes" from Mean Girls.


  1. Gosh food poisoning, I know how that feels. I hope you feel better:)get tons of sleep!

  2. I hope you get better! Throat candy maybe? I like cherry. Gosh, that seems terrible--but regardless I always look at your blog, it's super cute!


  3. Dont worry, I consider ANTM and Project Runway acceptable excuses haha.

    Your sickness sounds absolutely terrible though! I hope that you feel better soon <3

    Oh and haha, that is definitely very Mathletes-esque! Amazing :D