Saturday, February 13, 2010

Not a monster, maybe future Kelly Cutrone

I find it so funny that there are some kids at my school that are absolutely frightened of me.

I don't know why. My handshake is pretty feminine.

Anytime there is a group project my peers either flock towards me, or away from me. It's either one extreme or the other.

Also, in my district of debate I'm supposedly super intimidating, and even compared to a snake! I heard this one kid describe me as, "...the nicest, stupidest person out of rounds, but a monster bitch when competing."

I never thought I was that much of a monster "beast" in debate before, but I guess I'm scary enough to make kids pee their pants. However, this makes a lot of sense now.... this one time during a round this girl was crying as I was giving my speech.... wow. I'm scary.

This is kinds making me consider maybe applying for a job with People's Revolution which is run by Kelly Cutrone. She's pretty darn beastly herself. I should totally take advantage of the fact that there are some people intimidated by me.

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  1. Holy cow haha, knowing that people are actually terrified of you must make you must feel pretty powerful :D You can definitely put that to good use!