Thursday, February 18, 2010

What are you now, like, my dad?

I can understand when my dad gets protective of me.
I can understand when he pushes me to be my best.
I can understand why his feelings get hurt when I don't include him in my life.

However I cannot understand when other guys in my life are this way also.

So what if I don't tell you what I do on the weekends. Are you my dad? NO.

It's one thing to care about someone, and it's another thing to pry into someone's life. I owe no one who isn't immediate family any explanations of my personal life.

Even then, I need privacy. There are some things that I could never explain, never tell people. This right now, what I'm doing is supposed to help me open up, but I'm tired of all the interrogations and whatnot from people I don't consider as close friends.


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