Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Boys are Lame.

I heard today from a boy that if another boy sends you mixed signals it means he doesn't like you.

He then went on to tell me that if the particular boy we were talking about were to like me, he wouldn't show any interest in me.

However, it was last year when the boy we were talking about was sending mixed signals.

This year he shows no interest in me. If I go by what I was told today, then that means this one boy likes me.

However, I fail to see the logic, or the sense behind this conclusion because, let's face it: IT MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL.

Also, the boy I was talking to did not know the boy I was referring too for that long, nor did he know him as well as I did.

I am now at a loss. And boys are lame.


  1. And they think girls are complicated?! Okay... maybe they are... but still. Boys are pretty darn stupid :P

  2. Impressive how you came to the right conclusion with so little data. But they mean well, you think?

  3. If you consider driving me up the wall insane meaning well, then yes, they mean very well and deserve a humanitarian award.