Sunday, February 28, 2010

Another way to judge

Being a girl is not easy.

We are not only expected to look pretty at all times, but we are expected to put ourselves through many physical discomforts in order to achieve THE perfect look.

Nowadays it's a bit easier. You don't have to wear a corset (unless you want to), pants are allowed, and jeans and a t-shirt can now be considered sexy.

For some time I have been an advocate of the jeans and t-shirt ensemble, but as I grow older and observe successful women I've come to the conclusion that my favourite graphic tee and faded jeans just won't cut it.

Now, instead of spending money on random shirts I spend money on unique "attention catching" accessories.

I don't quite yet understand the power behind my flapper-esque beaded headband, or all my ornamental necklaces and bracelets, but I've noticed the change in behavior from others when I wear them.

It's hard to explain. I know it's shallow to think that how you dress affects how people act towards you, but think of it this way: There's a reason why business men all wear suits, and it's not because the lapels compliment their high cheekbones. You dress according to who you want to attract and who you want to repel.

For me, comfort is key. I wear what feels nice. When I dress myself I want to attract quirky, funny people who know how to have fun.

I have a myriad of outfits that are somewhat trademarked to me, and my friends are like this too.

Before I meet someone I usually size them up. Subconsciously I pick up on body language, manner of speech, and all that good stuff, but I still notice superficial things.

Most all of my friends have good hygiene, and dress casually. Is this a reflection of myself? I'd like to think so.

Judging is good, as is dressing to impress.


  1. Yeah, up until about last year I was completely a jeans and a t-shirt kind of a person. And then I discovered that a dress or skirt could actually be a lot more comfy than jeans, and would look a bit better than my previous attire. And now I actually focus a lot on what I wear, probably more than I'd like to admit haha.. But it's true, as dumb as it is, people will always judge others on their appearance, subconsciously or not :P