Sunday, February 7, 2010

Just Dance (it'll be ok)

I am not a slow dancer.

I am a jumper, fist pumper, move around the room and dance in large groups type of person.

Last night I went to Band Banquet, which may sound nerdy, but in all truth only 100 of the 300 people there were actually too nerdy to dance.

Since I wasn't in band I had to ask around to find someone who'd be willing to bring me in as their plus one. It wasn't easy, but my friend Austin was able to convince this freshman guy to take me.

I told him straight up, "HEY. I'm going to party. I just want to get in. I'll buy my own ticket, you don't have to get me flowers, you don't have to take pictures with me, you don't even have to dance with me, unless you want to. Also, I don't do slow dances, unless you're gay."

The whole night I danced with my friends, did a few slow dances with my gay friends, lots of the aforementioned fist pumping and jumping, and tons of group dancing.

My "date" however spent most of the night brooding in a corner, bad mouthing me for not being attached at the hip to him. A few times he poked his head out of his moody corner, only to try to make me feel bad for not sitting out on all the fast songs with him. I danced at least 3 slow songs with him, just to see if he would stop crap talking me, but no.

There still were things said behind my back about me, but I didn't care, because I got what I wanted, which was a pass into band banquet so I could dance and party it up with my friends.

So another lesson learned. Never go to dances with a Freshman.


  1. I have absolutely no dancing ability at all, haha... Your so called date certainly doesn't sound like the ideal one to me :P

  2. "So another lesson learned. Never go to dances with a Freshman" Don't be so hard on yourself! No, your date sounds like me at 14, 54, 67 come to think of it. Keep on fist pumpin'.