Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dream is destiny

I think it's odd that I dream so often.

I think a lot, and by a lot I mean, I only speak 45% of what I think. I'm the type of person that makes lists and mulls over the day's events in my head before dozing off to sleep.

If I'm lucky I can avoid the list making by making myself drowsy watching TV right before I go to bed. This however, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center " often a bad idea. Television is a very engaging medium that tends to keep people up. We generally recommend that the television not be in the bedroom. At the appropriate bedtime, the TV should be turned off and the patient should go to bed. Some people find that the radio helps them go to sleep. Since radio is a less engaging medium than TV, this is probably a good idea."

The thing is, if I watch television right before bed I get vivid dreams that are more memorable and distinct. Weird? I think so.

Often during the day I experience Déjà vu and when I try to think "when have I done this before?" I remember bits and pieces from a dream that I had recently.

Just last night I had a dream that disappointed me. It was like small vignettes of this person and I, and all the major experiences I had with them. The beginning vignettes were memories, and the concluding vignettes were things that had not actually happened.

It was as if my dream was trying to conclude my questions and doubts about my relationship with this person through previous experiences I had with them.


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  1. Sometimes I think I think too much, haha :P That makes it impossible to fall asleep, because you are just laying there reflecting on everything with your mind refusing to calm down! And I dunno, the TV actually makes me get drowsy most of the time. Also, sometimes I get really confused whether something from a long time ago really happened, or it was just a dream. Weird indeed!