Sunday, January 31, 2010

Acadec, and more Lady Gaga

Friday at 8:10 in the morning I left school and embarked upon the most important trip of my life.

Not really. I just went to Dallas for Acadec competition. In case you haven't read my other posts, Acadec is basically a place where you can compete in ten different areas such as: Essay, Language/Lit, Social Sciences, Math, Economics, Art, Music, Speech, Interview, and Super Quiz.

It's pretty daunting seeing as it's just testing for two day straight, but it's extremely fun.

One thing I noticed while being holed up in my "studying" was the Asian and Indian kid ratio to everyone else.

It was like 947703:4. Crazy! Also, surprisingly a lot of those kids are afraid of elevators! No lie.

Yesterday we left before the awards got started and still arrived at 11:30, but I think I learned a valuable lesson in life.

When in doubt, LADY GAGA. In the interview portion of competition I was thoroughly dreading the "who do you look up to" question, and of course I got that question.

At first I freaked out because I didn't want to say the usual Gandhi, Mom, Dad, The President, but I went with my gut and before I knew it I spouted LADY GAGA.

Apparently I did good because I scored a 910/1000. Thank you Lady Gaga.


  1. Haha, of course the stereotype of Asian and Indian kids being super smart continues to be true ;D But that's a good rule to live by! When in doubt, Lady Gaga! Hehehe. Congrats on your amazing score too!

  2. Wow Lady Gaga. She certainly is someone to take inspiration from.

    Have you seen her outfits???

  3. Congrats on doing so well. Gaga will never let you down. I wish we had Acadec -- I love that kind of nerdy stuff.

    Also, for the record -- the word I have to enter down below is "hamology." The study of ham!? :P