Monday, March 1, 2010

Peanut butter is hard to brush off

Brushing stuff off, getting over things quickly, and being "tough" has always been relatively easy for me.

Sometimes I can get upset over the littlest things, but my anger fizzles pretty quickly and before I know it I'm no longer angry.

I'm not saying that I forget why I was angry, I'm just too lazy to keep my anger burning.

Most people realize that I usually don't take things too personally, but sometimes brushing stuff off, and joking about things isn't always as easy for me as it used to be.

It takes a lot of effort on my part to not visibly be offended or be hurt by some of the things people say. In high school there are so many people who talk behind your back and say vicious, untrue things that can be either taken seriously, or in a joking matter.

Most of the time I joke about things that are said and come up with something witty in return, but as of late it's become increasingly difficult to nonchalantly brush off insults and personal jabs.

Some things cross the line, and I genuinely wonder if some people are either oblivious to the things they say, or just really that vindictive.

Sometimes people make me want to apply for online college courses :/


  1. Sadly, it's not just in high school. People don't grow up much in college. In short, I can relate all too much so vent away if you ever need to.

  2. Yeah, after a while you can only handle so much :P I don't know, I guess people are really just so self centered that they don't even take in consideration of other people's feelings? *shrug* But it sucks. And that's not good to hear that it doesn't get better in college :P ^