Saturday, September 19, 2009

Utility monster, or "I really need to crash"

OMIGAWD. The University of North Texas is the most bug infested place in the state of Texas. In a certain slant of sunlight you could see invisible little flying bugs in the air. They made the air thick, and your skin itchy. Not to mention a plethora of black ugly crickets everywhere. I hate bugs. And I hate UNT.

Why was I at UNT? Well, originally I thought I was going to go to a nearby Junior College to attend Super Conference, however JGraves being the wonderful (not) man that he is forgot to inform us that instead of a maybe 2 hour drive, it would be a 4 hour drive to Denton, Texas.

Apparently everyone but the debate kids knew where we were going. In hindsight I should have looked up online about where it was going to be, but oh well. Super Conference wasn't all bad, although we were a good 20 minutes late.

First I attended a philosophy lecture, and I was a bit miffed I was 20 minutes late, but oh well. I still got a lot out of the lecture, and the woman speaking was so great! I loved the way she simplified things, while making them more complex.... if that makes any sense.

Afterwards I ran into some of my debate friends from other schools. We couldn't chat much due to the fact that we only had five minutes to hang out before we had to head over to the Topic Analysis area. We had the same guy from last year, who again, was the BOMB. I was so hungry throughout the whole thing though, and the only thing that tided me over was Wint-O-Greens and water.

Still hungry, I headed over to some other lecture which was POINTLESS. And non topical. The only good thing was the fact that I got to sit next to Travis (the cool one, not lame one) who entertained both of us by peeling off his laptop stickers and putting them on my arm.

5:45am - 1:45pm Without food. It is an unholy thing. UNHOLY I TELL YOU. Also, the last lecture was so boring that in the middle of it, Travis's computer went into hibernation mode. It was that bad.

I really wanted to make this post a long rant about how much I hate people, and JGraves's flip flop nature, but I don't know. My brain is too tired, I have more bags under my eyes, and my life is most likely over. Ok, now I'm just being melodramatic.

But my sister's birthday was today, she's 6 now. She got a crapload of presents, which got me thinking about my birthday, and stuff I wanted, and then I saw this. I NEED THIS.

Ok, maybe I don't. But I'm sleepy. My mind is hazy, and I'm prone to yelling and convincing myself and others that I need coloring books. Sleep, here I come!

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