Wednesday, September 16, 2009

John Mashpotatoes.

So I volunteered at my local homeless shelter serving dinner, and I have to say it was quite fulfilling. Although I was doing it for Z-Club for points, I still think it was pretty fun.

Remember the kid who smiles like Lee Pace? Yeah his name is John, and his last name reminds me of MashPotatoes..... I don't think he appreciates me calling him John MashPotatoes, but whatever :P

Yesterday in advisory we played Heads Up 7up, and today we played Charades. A bunch of high schoolers. Playing kiddie games. This is great.

JGraves the debate coach is being rated right now by all of the Debate and Theatre kids. Consensus says he's a 4.5 due to his major a--holeness.

I don't know what this is. To the loo I go!


  1. Good job for volunteering! It really makes a difference!

  2. Volunteering really makes you feel all nice inside, doesn't it? hehe :) And hey, you're never too old to play kiddie games!