Saturday, September 26, 2009

$75 richer.

Ah, for once I'm not going to talk about the woman I've been recently unofficially estranged from!

See, I'm making jokes already. Great progress.

Friday/Saturday has been so jam packed. Yesterday was my friend Hannah's 16th birthday party, and as her gift my friend Rebekka and I bought her two fan tailed goldfishes :)

She really liked them, and I think by far it's the best gift I've ever had the honor to give someone. MRoS and I bought them together, and who knew how hard it was to find a goldfish. It's like, no one sells any all american goldfishes anymore.

I didn't get home till 10pm, which wasn't good because I was im-promptly called to go to a tourney at 8:15 in the morning to help out in rounds.

The only reason why I went was because I was promised $75, and right now that money is greatly needed!!

It was weird though, because I showed up and the lady is charge was just like,

"Can you judge extemp speaking and LD? Yes? Good. You're going to do that."

So I judged debates. And let me tell you, I wanted to shoot half of those kids.

The whole time I was just thinking, "Man, I couldn't have been this bad as a novice."

They didn't know anything! No format, no anything! A lot of them couldn't even read their cases. And afterwards they were so unprofessional! You're not supposed to say, "Man, I really think I won this round, my opponent sucked." in front of a judge.

The only thing that kept me sane through the seven hours I judged was the fact that I was getting a little over $10 an hour.

Hopefully I'll get my check soon. I hope. Oh man, I really want/need that money.

-----Like two seconds ago I thought about ranting about things, but I don't want to ruin the mood I'm in right now. I'll save my rant for later.


  1. alright! we're both making money now! preserve the good moods--oh yeah :)

  2. Happy birthday to your friend! The fan tailed gold fishes are a great gift idea. Now I want a pet goldfish! And that's awesome that you've got lots of cash in your back pocket now, even if you had to deal with some pretty annoying debate participants :P

  3. Sounds like fun.

    Guess what, I have a debate next week for my Political Philosophy class. Dreading it =(

    Ashley Kay