Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lucie Manette + Hate

There is this girl in my grade who I share my classes with who I cannot stand. Supposedly she's lived in like every country known to man, and knows 4 different languages.

I don't know.

She's so annoying. If she's not bragging about all the places she's been and all the money her family has, she's showing off in a non humble way how she can speak and write in all these different languages. And she complains. About.Everything.Please.Shoot.Me.Now.

I doubt she's done half the stuff she's claimed to have done, but that's beside the point. Mention one thing about Korea; "OH I'VE BEEN THERE, AND I SPEAK AND WRITE KOREAN. Want me to write your name in Korean? blah blah blah I'm so cool, Daddy is a chef trained in some rare Korean cooking style, I lived in Japan for two years and I know everything to know about that place too. Oh yeah, last night I was up till 4am skyping with these people I met in China who actually live in England. I have a room full of stuff that could probably pay for 4 years at community college. I'm going to Yale so I can be a dermatologist and make more than the president."

Who in their right mind would go to Yale to be a DERMATOLOGIST?! ARE YOU FRIGGIN KIDDING ME?!

OMIGAWD. I honestly don't think she's THAT bad, but sometimes I wish she could be more humble, or something. Maybe quieter? No. Maybe just, I don't know--- Less annoying?

In AcaDec I wanted to like bang my head on the desk due to her annoying-ness.

I don't know. I'm going to TRY to maybe get to know her better.... but maybe that's not the best idea.... that might actually make me dislike her even more....

Maybe if she didn't spout off total bullshit 67.7% of the time I might like her better. Maybe. Maybe it's just her.


  1. I know someone who is at Yale for Physics.

    I don't understand people at all. If you're going to fork out that much money, at least go to a school that is the best in the field you are ACTUALLY entering. And don't complain about spending that much money either.

    Ugh. People.

  2. I have to say, she's not as annoying if you spend time a little more time with her. I'll admit, I felt the same way about her at first, but I have Theatre with her, and the extra time has kind of made me change my perspective of her. Just, don't be so picky about the things she says and talk about less...unusual things. If you're more casual around her, she's much more tolerable. Hope that helps. ^_^

  3. Oh my gosh, there's someone exactly like that at my school. Almost, at least. She brings up one of her exotic travel experiences every time she can... OH, WHEN I WENT TO NORWAY/ITALY/ALL OF EUROPE FOR THE 37TH TIME AND DID THIS AND THIS AND MET ALL THESE EXOTIC FOREIGN PEOPLE... I swear, she just likes to hear herself talk. Oi vey.