Sunday, September 13, 2009

They loved me! (they really do!)

Ah. A long time ago I would have found public speaking a complete and utter horror. Even if it was only a crowd of 10 people I would find it so nauseating and horrible. However after a year of Debate and public speaking and an ample dosage of Bill Maher and Anderson Cooper I seem to have found a liking for public speaking.

My school, in the vain attempt of reducing gang violence between at risk teens decided to bring back the Advisory, or homeroom period. Officially they brought it back "in order to build long lasting bonds between teens."

Yeah. We all know the real reason.

Anyways, everyday they set up all these little activities for us to do, and they're all interpersonal so no matter what we do we end up "sharing." It's not too horrible because I happened to get lucky and didn't get a mixed grade class. I know, or know of everyone in my advisory.

Today we had to share about what we did over the weekend and we could do so by either giving a speech or writing it out on paper. Needless to say I did a speech. I didn't intend on sounding so witty and sarcastic, and all my faces and anecdotes were pretty sincere, but it turned out everyone thought my rendition of my weekend was pretty humorous. I was told by the whole class that I should consider a career in comedy. Wow.

I like it when people laugh at what I say. In a good way. Yeah.

I'm a lot funnier in person.


  1. It's a good thing to be naturally funny like that... especially when you least expect it from yourself!

  2. i've been absolutely TERRIFIED of public speaking, up until we had speaking and presenting class this year. it actually really helped, and i guess i just realized that people are so selfish that they probably don't even notice if you mess up haha. but that's awesome that you're speech went well! humor is always a plus :)