Tuesday, September 8, 2009

East Texan Ignorance

Today, around the same time at millions of schools across America students tuned in to listen to President Obama.

Well, excluding my school that is. No other school in my district is making this big a deal out of such a small issue. Did you know that we had to get a permission form signed to even watch it?! Yeah.

My school decided that just in case anything needed to be edited out they were going to pre-record it, then stream it the following day. I guarantee that no one threw a fit when Reagan or Bush addressed the students. I hate to say it, but the only reason why they're doing this is because 1) Obama isn't white, and 2) He's not a Democrat, and lastly 3) Most east Texans are cursed with ignorance.

Another thing that ticked me off was the fact that some people were like, "Yeah, I'm going to watch it just so I can see him fail."

First off, when Bush was first elected everyone had high hopes. No one wished him ill at the beginning of his term. I don't think any president should be criticized during the first to years because they are just getting acclimated to the whole "Dude, I'm president" idea.

My dad even admitted that he had high hopes for Bush, but around Bush's second term he started to get angry with the way he was handling everything.

I don't think that in these first few years we should get angry at Obama. We should keep high hopes and wish him well, not ill. If however, Obama is a total fail, then we can get angry, but for the sake of being good citizens of the U.S. all thoughts directed towards Obama should be pleasant because, after all he is in charge of our country.


  1. At my school we had the choice whether or not we wanted to go or not, which I did... That's really lame about your school though :/ Honestly, I have no idea what the heck they could possibly edit out... it was basically just "believe in yourself and stay in school"! I don't get what the big controversy over it is, especially since, like you said, other presidents have done it and no one threw a fit then.

    Argh :p

  2. Even I'm not a fan of Obama, and yet I still don't see where he has made a blatant mistake so far. I can't help but have great respect for him because of his devotion towards the American youth. While in some ways he is a hypocrite for smoking and then being harsh on it. At least he's taking action towards picking up the slum of the youth. So many people don't realize that helping our youth is what will help the future of America.