Friday, February 1, 2008

Typety type type

Yes! Finally my studying has paid off! I made a 90 on my math test! w00t! I'm so proud of myself!

Also, it's the weekend! no more stress about my studies!

Haha today was almost normal. Hannah was out sick today, and so were a couple of other people. I'm surprised that I haven't caught anything yet.

Keyboarding was kinda okayish. We had to do timed typing and sadly I can only type 20 gwam without looking at the keyboard. It was ok tho because I mad like a 90.

Science was soso. I think I said a total of 45 words in that class! A new record! lmao.

Reading was ok. Nathan was being pissy as usual, but hey, I wouldn't expect less from him. We also received a "new" seating chart, but I ended up getting the same seat. Haha, it's funny how stuff like that work out for me.

We started an Agatha Christi book in reading also. It's called and then there were none... I think. It was also called 10 little indians.

As a class, we read the poem by the same title. It was literally killa awesome! Haha.

Oh, and Hannah is going to be sosososoooo jealous! 'Renton' transfered into my reading class! hehe... I poked his head today with a pen because he was blocking the papers! He's so stupid tho! It makes me want to cry from laughing!

Ah, it feels nice to be on the blog again. I nearly freaked out when the system was down.

Today's picture features Ryuk!

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