Thursday, February 28, 2008

Anyone, no one, alls the same to me.

Oh wow.

It's been a bit hasn't it?

Since I've actually used this blog to talk about my life instead of just a place to dump unwanted knowledge?

Well My life hasn't changed in the least bit. I've started a fiction press account on which I will post original short stories; however I won't be able to post until after the 29th of this month so don't expect anything particularly juicy for a while.

I had a theory, and I proved it. So does that make it a legitimate fact? Hmmmm....

I tried to explain the time space continuum to my four year old sister, but she said she was too busy to listen at the moment and I had to leave a message. Aren't kids today just peachy?

Also, I found that if you pretend like your taking notes in class your percentage for passing increases 30%. Hey, every little bit helps.

Sllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddeeeeeeeeeeee is a total ninja, and for some odd reason when ever I see him I think about pumkin juice.

Celery is being, for the lack of a more colorful word, odd.

And I think I may have caused my little sister to think that Global Warming is actually in fact, Glow-ball Warning.....oops. It wasn't my fault she thought it was a toy.

Ok, well my schedule has caught up with me. I'm off to study my brains out, or at least till they're oozing out of my ears. Wish me luck.

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