Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Holy spotted cows! That song has been in my head all day!
Adam Lazzara has a prettyful voice :]

Well today was an ok day. First period was normal, and so was second.

Lunch was fun, but today Stormy didn't sit with us for some odd reason, I think she was sick....

Art was funjucational. I think I'm a bad influence on Alex tho. I always eat random things that I think will taste yummy (but usually don't) and today he ate a piece of masking tape! It was funny, and kinda sad that my impulsiveness has rubbed on him...haha.

My Shnitzle paper mache is going pretty well, but I think I could be doing better.

I probably could've gotten more done if I didn't goof off so much!

Woodshop kinda sucked but oh well. I think I might want to take French next year...hmm just a random thought.

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