Saturday, February 9, 2008

Salutations to Saturday

Yes. I'm at Nichole's house right now , typing kinda slow because her brother is playing Devil May Cry and it's quite distracting. Haha.

We went to the mall earlier today and I bought 2 shirts and some eyeliner at Hot Topic. w00t I desperatly need some new eyeliner.

I think my allegies are screwing up because I've been all woozy all day. Also, I you haven't seen the Eye yet you should deffinetly check it out. It's wonderfully suspenseful!

Tomorrow I might go to BooksAMillion with Nichole and Kitty and I might buy a manga or two.... I've been craving some new books. Recently I've been wanting to read My Cat Loki so I might buy that. Hehe, we also might bug Kirk if he's there.

Oh yeah, I've got to remeber to buy something to wear to the dance..... Eh, I dunno I'm gonna see if I can wear some Tripp pants or something...Maybe.

Ok, I should probably sign off now... haha I'm starting to get distracted... and I've got new ideas for Ch.7

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