Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Little jerks amuse me

I remember going through my 'cynical' phase, and every now and then I get a bout of I-hate-the-world-itis, but for the most part I think I'm a little more... I don't know. Not hateful. At least not blatantly.

Anyways, my friend Rebekka was giving me and her boyfriend's little brother a ride home and it was interesting. She has a tiny truck that only fits 3 people, and even then you're a little squashed, so imagine a scraggly, pale, socially awkward freshman boy sandwiched between two girls. Yeah.

Now imagine that the boy had a complex that even Jung would describe as god-like with a twist of evil, and you've got that kid. He's a little on the bitter side and hates people, but specifically popular "preps" as he referrers to them. The few (and I mean few) times that I've talked to him I've been able to find humor in his antics, but this last time... Man, I really had to hold my tongue. The only person that he halfway likes/respects is Rebekka, and I'm pretty sure he's lumped me in with the rest of humanity that he hates, but that's ok, because This Guy now follows me on Twitter (but that's beside the point).

I was playing along with his anti social comment when the conversation switched to a few teachers that some people didn't like. I mentioned that I didn't mind this one teacher due to the fact that I had canoodled them into nominating me for senior hall of fame next year when the kid was like "What makes you so special? Only the preps get in it."

In my mind I was like, EXCUSE ME? I have a long, long list of accomplishments, not to mention I'm very personable and funny. Really?

Anyways, my ego puffed up as I explained to him that some teachers actually enjoy me as a student.

Yeah. I feel sort of like Seth Meyers doing a bit for SNL. Preps? REALLY? Who even seriously uses that phrase anymore? I'm not worthy of being nominated into the senior hall of fame? REALLY? And of course I have a lot of other choice things I would like to say, but they're harsh, and right now I'm kind of over it.

I just think it's funny when people underestimate me, or think that I'm not worthy of praise. While that last statement may seem egotistical, don't worry IT COMPLETELY IS.


  1. Awh, Lizzi!
    He's jealous.
    Everyone's jealous.

  2. Lizzi you are the definition of awesome. And you're right, no one says "preps" anymore. I can't wait for you to make it into the senior hall of fame!!!

  3. Psh, freshmen. What do they know? Absolutely nothing. Clearly he needs to learn to leave the middle school drama and hatred of "preps" behind. And realize how amazing you so obviously are of course! :D

  4. My god, that kid is like freaking Holden Caufield or something. Psh. You are too cool for school.

    Plus, I need to mail you that print thingy.